February 2012

Feng Shui: The Art of Living

Don’t you just love those tiny little books you can get while you’re checking out at a bookstore? I once bought a Tarot Card book set from such a stand that featured the tiniest, most adorable Tarot Cards you’ve ever seen. I so could have made a Wiccan Barbie, if I had been into Barbies at all. I wonder what happened to that set…

For Christmas this year, I was gifted with a tiny feng shui book titled Feng Shui: The Art of Living. Written by Rosalind Simmons, the book is filled with small suggestions that can make a big impact in improving your living space—and perhaps making your life better as well. After all, feng shui isn’t only supposed to increase the aesthetic appeal of your abode and work space—it’s also supposed to help increase your health, wealth, love, and general happiness if used correctly.