October 2012


The Paranormalcy saga sadly ends with this final installment.

If you’ve read Paranormalcy and its sequel Supernaturally, you are already familiar with fun-loving Evie, a teenager with a special gift for seeing paranormal creatures. She works for an investigation agency who tags and regulates paranormal creatures, and she is the only human in the world with the gift to see through their glamours. (Spoilers to come.)

By book three, Evie is doing her best to lead a normal life outside the agency, going to high school and working at a paranormal diner while she makes time to see her boyfriend Lend, a water paranormal, in between. But Evie’s own powers remain even after she let the souls free in book two, and the paranormals are trying to get her to open a gateway to let them all leave our world and go home to their own. Book three details this adventure, as well as Evie’s spirited fight against the agency that would have the paranormals remain in order to simply keep their jobs.